tisdag 14 augusti 2012

7 Year Journey to Life

Follow my 7 Year Journey to Life, blogs wherein I am walking accepted and allowed internal patterns that has separated me from who I really am as life, in a process of Self-Honest Self-Forgiveness, as well as external patterns that make out the world system that we are all collectively agreeing on and manifesting, to re-write myself in ways that support self/life.

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måndag 5 mars 2012

2012 Economists and their Lies - Trade-Off

Economists well and often spread the idea that it's impossible create a system that satisfies all - which is a rather definitive position coming from a group that stress that they're only objectively studying trends. At our universities they are talking about so-called "trade-off" - a situation that involves the loss of a quality or aspect of something in return for another quality or aspect - i.e. balancing the pros and cons of a specific decision. They talk about this trade-off system as if it was something quite natural and necessary and that if you want to make wise decisions you must consider the overall balance of the decision. Furthermore, it is frequently suggested that the overall "well-being" of the economy is of greater importance than how individuals really live.

This belief that there can't ever be a system that benefits all and that every social policy will always hurt someone and benefit another and that our politicians thus are "forced" to make these "sacrifices" is widespread. This is, however, nothing but a blind acceptance of how things "must" work and a kind of defeatist attitude towards the economy in which one is making oneself less than and inferior to the economic laws.

Economic laws are often treated by experts in the media and economists at the universities as "natural laws" which no man can rule over and has thus become an important part of maintaining the hopelessness people experience in relation to the system. In fact, all economic laws are based on collective agreements and currently these agreements are opposing the real and physical laws and life itself. What I mean by this is that the current financial arrangements that make up the capitalist system, as the basis for practically all the horrors of the world, dictates that if you lack money you also lack the right to life. A polarized system that dictates that a third of world population must starve for the rest to live in abundance. A system where money has been given a higher value than life and where we put a price tag on that which is given us unconditionally by the earth and sun.

Furthermore, one is often ignoring that these systems would be based on collective agreements since it implies that it is a reflection of individual greed and self-interest, and thus rather blames the leaders and the "system" as something separate from oneself. 

Man is the source of all problems and thus also the solution. How money functions is the source of all the world's problems and horrors and thus also the solution. Humanity must stand up collectively and set aside all ideological differences and opinions to instead do what is practical, mathematically and physically provably best for the whole. Debt, interest, speculation, market fluctuation and "lack" of money are all deliberately created and by no means natural laws that must be followed. Economists who propagate that 20000 children must starve to death every each so that "we" may live in abundance are nothing but criminals and deceivers.

If you are interested in getting together and re-writing these laws so that they instead meet the interest of all of earth’s inhabitants, study the Equal Money System

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måndag 23 januari 2012

2012 - Blatantly Ignorant Tricks to Sell Capitalism

The defenders of capitalism often promote this inherently abusive ideology by comparing life expectancy numbers between capitalistic and non-capitalistic countries. This, however, is one of the cheapest, most flawed and blatantly ignorant tricks to use. The following is from a site called "Capitalism is Life" (not joking) under the header "More Capitalism = Higher Life Expectancy":

"Current life expectancy in nations where capitalism has (or recently has had) a significant presence -- abbreviated list.
82 -- Australia
78 -- United States
82 -- Japan
81 -- Israel
80 -- Italy

Current life expectancy in nations where capitalism has only modest presence -- abbreviated list.
71  -- Philippines
66  -- Russia
70  -- Honduras
65  -- Pakistan
72  -- Egypt

Current life expectancy in nations where capitalism has little or no presence -- abbreviated list. (It should be noted that these nations receive significant aid from capitalist-leaning nations and would almost certainly have even lower life expectancies without this aid.)
30  -- Haiti
45  -- Afghanistan
59  -- Senegal
53  -- Nigeria
62  -- Cambodia
48  -- Zimbabwe
64  -- North Korea"

If you by now haven't figured out why this is so blatantly ignorant, let me explain. Amongst the countries they list under "where capitalism has little or no presence" are Haiti, Afghanistan and Nigeria - they are all countries that share a historical pattern - namely that they all have been ruthlessly exploited, horded and robbed of resources by capitalistic nations and corporations for hundreds of years and continue being so. In Haiti for example, democratically elected Aristide's agenda was to nationalize Haiti's resources - meaning to give the much needed resources back to the people of Haiti instead of allowing the profit of corporations to have a higher priority than the well-being of the people - but before he had the chance to do very much the US army came storming in to defend capitalism and the corporate interests in Haiti that had been exploiting Haiti's cheap labor force for decades - pinning Aristide with the customary corruption allegations and forcing him to flee his country. Since then the influence of IMF and the World bank that follow their usual Keynesian mob doctrine of destroying the domestic agriculture and industry by pushing nations to drop their social policies and import restrictions (that are designed to protect farmers and citizens) and open up for market liberalism and free trade so that foreign companies can exploit people being paid next to nothing - basically forcing nations that once were self-sustaining "bread baskets" to rely on import for so called "debt relief" in return - has increased. This doctrine has of course left millions of farmers unemployed and many of them are forced to work in so called "free zones" where they produce big brand clothes in sweatshops for "the lucky few" in the developed countries, under horrible conditions and minimal wages. Haiti is just one example of the dark side of capitalism - the negative polarity to our prosperity.

There is no way that every nation on earth could be wealthy and prosperous within the capitalist system - there is simply no room for it, simply not enough money for it. Inequality and lack is an essential gear in the machinery of capitalism, and these people promoting capitalism are fully aware of it. After all - who would produce our cheap and fancy gadgets and clothes if it weren't for the cheap labor force in the third world?

Placing each nation on the list within a historical context, instead of going into this stance of superiority where one quite spitefully judge, point one's fingers and, as with North Korea, label the nations as "crazy" and "evil", can be a remedy to not fall for the cheap tricks exposed within this blog. I suggest you further investigate the British imperialist/colonial legacy in Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan.

Let's prosper together, all as one as equal:

This is the dark polarity of capitalism:

Listen to Marlen as she exposes the "Capitalism is Life" site:

onsdag 28 december 2011

2011 A Sad New Year

Every year the people of Sweden spend around 200 million SEK (about USD 29 million) on fireworks, of which the majority is imported from South-East Asia and mainly from China and India. The factories where these fireworks are produced are notorious for employing low paid child laborers and for having extremely hazardous working conditions with little regard for safety precautions.

In the production of the fireworks the workers not even protected by simple gloves, come in direct contact with highly toxic chemicals and they often die prematurely from chemical poisoning.

One of the more nasty chemicals often found in the fireworks is Hexachlorobenzene – one of the most environmentally harmful substances in the world. It breaks down very slowly in nature and is carcinogenic and hazardous to aquatic organisms and known to cause numerous cancers, liver diseases as well as neurological changes in humans. Since it’s fat soluble, it concentrates in the fat of organisms and accumulate in the food chain. Also heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium are used in fireworks. These facts are always played down by the industry making money on this absolute ludicrousness and disregard for life.

But it’s not only the impoverished slave workers in south east Asia that are poisoned by these chemicals – also we, when we in great excitement watch the fireworks explode in enchanting colors, are sprinkled with a quite deadly dust and willingly poison our earth for many years to come for the sake of some pointless flashes and bangs we call entertainment.

 Add to this toxic and spiteful brew the vast amount of birds that are scared to death by the loud bangs while they try to rest in the trees; 200 serious human accidents (everything from burns and wounds on finger, hands and faces to injuries on eyes and ears) in Sweden alone and 200-300 major fires in Sweden alone every year. Being the “drunk fest” of the year, we also see a dramatic increase in alcohol poisoning and alcohol related violence and accidents.

The United States yearly import of fireworks from China – the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks in the world – is approaching $1 billion. Accidents such as fires and explosions are commonplace in the Chinese factories (http://www.stop-fireworks.org/accidents.htm), often leaving a vast amount of people injured and killed. The factories are often officially illegal and disguised as schools were children are forced to work 10 hour shifts for as little as 2 cents a day. In 2001, an explosion in a rural school in Jiangxi Province killed 42 people, most of them children 9 to 10 years old that were believed to be making fireworks at the time of the blast.

“A huge explosion at a school in China that killed at least 41 people may have been caused by fireworks being assembled by pupils in the cash-strapped school, residents said. The death toll, put by some reports at around 60 including many children, was expected to rise further. More than 30 people were injured, hospital officials said.” (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2001/mar/07/2)

In spite of official crack downs on illegal factories, due to recent year’s unpleasant media coverage, new ones continue to pop up in the poorest regions of China – and will obviously continue to pop up as long as the current survival system where money is valued above life is in place.

In conclusion, what we call happiness and joy is once again in fact a living hell for hundreds of thousands of beings, and our ignorance and disregard is inexcusable. I also ask myself what the hell it is we are celebrating, really. What is there to celebrate in a world where 1.3 billion people starve because they lack money? What is there to celebrate in a world where atrocious wars rage on for the sake of monetary profit? What is there to celebrate in a world where 2 million children are kidnapped and trafficked for sexual exploitation? What is there to celebrate in a world of 215 million child laborers? Well over 6 million children starved to death this year in a world of abundance. The same will happen next year and the year after that, if we aren’t politically and democratically implementing a system that will grant everyone on earth an equal and unconditional access to the basic necessities we all require to live a dignified life and make sure that no one will ever again have to suffer because of lack of money.

New Year’s Eve is yet another money driven illusion that diverts our attention from what needs to be done, but remember that Bliss is Ignorance and that this ignorance always has deer consequences in store for us. If I have managed to break the magic spell you’re under, please investigate http://equalmoney.org and take part in the total solution that will influence and benefit all instances of life. Also visit http://desteni.org and investigate the tools of Self-Forgiveness and Self-Honesty to walk yourself into a trustworthy being that isn't directed by fluctuating energetic surges - a being that honors Life no matter what and places the interest of All Life before ego, personality and self-interest. Let’s bring Heaven to Earth by physically manifesting it step by step, One by One. It is all in our hands.

The Equal Money System = the death of the current casino system where a few are lucky winners and the majority losers. When we have that, it is certainly time for celebration.

lördag 24 december 2011

What the FAQ is an Equal Money System

What the FAQ is an Equal Money System - Volume 1 

Have you ever wondered how it would be practically possible to change this world? To make a difference? To live in a way where no one has to suffer or starve? This book was written by Destonians who have answered the most frequent question with regards to the Equal Money System.

In this book questions like: 
  • How will the Equal Money System be Implemented? 
  • Will we all have "chip implants”?
  • Who will do the shitty jobs? 
  • Will I own my own house? 

...are answered with much specificity and clarity.

Read all about the HOME of the Future with Equal Money System.

Click the image above to purchase the book and support the Equal Life Foundation.


måndag 12 december 2011

2011 Money Is Always in your Pocket with Equal Money System

A while ago a friend of mine told me that he barely had any money to buy even the minimal food and that it was like this at the end of every month. My friend at the time both studied and at the same time had to work to be able to support himself, if only barely. This is the situation for many students where I live – and this in Sweden, a country that is generally considered to be one of the best countries to live in, with the highest living standard. Committing to higher studies is hard enough as it is, and having to work at the same time and in addition barely having enough money to sustain yourself is taking its toll on the students. Recent studies show that one in five in the age group 20-25 in Sweden suffers from stress symptoms such as anxiety and sleep deprivation, which is a three times increase in 15 years – all due to the deregulation of the job market (a deregulation that is justified with the magic political trick-in-the-hat words: job creation). These stress symptoms in time lead to more severe diseases, such as heart and stomach conditions.

The students and other marginalized and exploited groups, such as the immigrants, desperate as they are, have to take low-paid temporary youth jobs within the service sector with quite bad working conditions where the employers push their employees to the limit. These employees basically don't dare to question the unreasonable demands of the companies, and the companies are well aware of this. In addition these groups have to endure accusations of being “lazy” and “whiny” by the prosperous part of society. 

Having to go hungry at the end of each month, always with the gnawing worry that you might have enough money to support your physical body with the food it requires or not being able to pay the rent for your often tiny and mismanaged student housing is certainly not something I wish for anybody to go through.

Instead imagine going to your local food distribution center, picking up what you require for you and your family without ever having to worry about lacking money – the food unconditionally produced by the earth, the water and the sun – and at one point also produced by yourself within the mandatory 4 year conscription system of the Equal Money System. Obviously there will be a limit to what you can pick up each month, managed and monitored by the electronic microchip based credit system, which will indicate if you’ve already got what you require (a limit that obviously won’t be at a minimum, but a properly and scientifically measured  level of actual physical requirements). Imagine a food “store” without any price tags or luring and deceiving adverts. Imagine a food store with products based on physical laws and Common Sense instead of mind laws and Commercial Sense, which actually and physically supports your body. Imagine being able to study completely without the constant stress and worry of not having enough money.

That’s heaven on earth right there.

Investigate: www.equalmoney.org

fredag 9 december 2011

2011 No more industrial/corporation raping of nature in an Equal Money System

The ever alarming environmental issues at hand will continue to escalate as long as capitalism is in place, as the demand for constant growth and increased consumption and profits is an intrinsic cog in the capitalist machinery. As long as the pursuit of profit is the core of the economic system future ecological disasters await. This situation arises not only from a malice or ignorance of this or that part of the elite, but as implied from the fundamental laws of capitalism. The goal of the production in capitalism is not based on actual and physical requirements, but market valuesgoods must be sold regardless of the consequences for humanity, nature and the planet in order to make profits.

Human activity has always had an impact on nature, but since its first days, capitalism has shown a contempt for nature, matched by its contempt for the people who have worked in its factories, mines and fields. Industrial cities in Britain in the 1800s were drowned by dirt and pollution, which undermined the health of the population as a whole and especially the working class. More recently Stalinism transformed large parts of Russia into a dumping place, and in today’s China the poisoning of rivers and land is vast. In only 100 years we have managed to destroy the ecological system of earth in the name of “free market” capitalism. It is clear that we need a radical shift in society very soon as we already are in an ecological disaster. 60% (16 of 24) of the earth's vital ecosystem services (the benefits provided by ecosystems. These include provisioning services such as food, water, timber, fiber, and genetic resources; regulating services such as the regulation of climate, floods, disease, and water quality as well as waste treatment; and supporting services such as soil formation, pollination, and nutrient cycling) are at the limit of their capacity, and most of them with declining ability. Over 90% of the biomass of the oceans is gone because of the oversized, high-tech fishing fleets, and currently more forest is cleared than what is re-created

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are making big money on “green-washing” corporations and handing out certificates to companies that are supposed to be “environmental friendly”. The increasing demand for the so-called “green fuel” in the western world send the remaining rain forests of South-east Asia up in smoke at an ever faster pace. Once the land has been cleared by fires, oil palm plantations are planted. Since oil palms are trees which carry out photosynthesis and which store carbon dioxide, they are classed as “climate neutral” and can be traded as carbon sinks under the Kyoto Protocol. The rain forests of Latin America are mainly pushed aside by soy plantations for the meat industry. The whole “green” and “bio” movement is clearly nothing but a capitalist marketing trick that we gladly swallow without any questions. The production of palm oil is in fact a major environmental disaster that is the basis for the pillaging of natural environments that undermines biodiversity – oil palm plantations support very low levels of biodiversity, meaning most of the plants and animals once found in the rain forest must either move or perish. Furthermore, the working conditions at these plantations are quite horrible with extremely low wages and unsafe working conditions where the workers are forced to work with lethal pesticides without any protection.

The deforestation leads to natural catastrophes as the forest more than often act as a natural protection net against storms, cyclones and water masses. This is also something the corporations and the whole capitalist machinery gain on because:
disasters equals rising profits. When an area is struck by disasters, such as in Sri Lanka and Thailand after the tsunami, the corporations rush to the disaster area like hungry sharks.

Profits and competition is what drives capitalism and its consequences now threaten the world. In contrast, capitalism is presented by its defenders as something that is based on human needs, and argues that it responds to the "consumer demand" for life’s necessities and luxuries, and points to improvements in income and quality of life reached only by a minority of the world.
The trading of the earth as the physical platform we are birthed from and sustained by for mental based desires fueled by the consumerism system has to stop. The consumerism apparatus brainwash us with the idea to never be satisfied and always chase after new products that fool-fill our mental desires. An Equal Money System will show ecological consideration within ending the disastrous and unceasing pursuit for profit and the whole consumerism brainwashing apparatus and acknowledge the physical reality as the essential life-line and “god” to honor. To solve the major environmental problems – the cleaning up of areas that are destroyed by oil spills and the oceans that are suffocated by plastic waste for instance, a suitable and centralized administration that has no interest other than what is best for the collective is required.

Investigate the Equal Money System before it’s too late.

måndag 5 december 2011

2011 No More Break Ins with the Equal Money System

According to the U.S. Department of Justice a burglary is being committed each 15 seconds in the United States. And with the collapsing economy it is dramatically escalating.

Something that seems completely “outlandish” to most people and forbidden to do in media is general criticism of the system. When media reports on crime, for instance burglary, the root of the crime is never exposed but instead the criminal as the individual is blamed for being a criminal and thus the whole collective responsibility for the existence of crime is disregarded. Article headlines such as “nothing stops the recent crime wave” reveals a certain defeatism and an inability to see things from a broader perspective. So, the question of what the basis for all money related crime in the world is (which represent the majority of crime currently – such as burglary, mugging, prostitution, poaching, drug trade, human trafficking and all other organized crime) has to be raised, and the answer is obvious the inherent and deliberately created scarcity of money and inequality within the current capitalistic system where your whole existence is threatened if you lack access to money and where every day is a struggle for survival – crime is thus merely one of many symptoms of a dysfunctional system. If you explicitly point this out you are immediately accused of being "naive" and that you’re being “too lenient” with “criminals”, a position that is actively promoted by media and the whole law system. But if you’re really interested in practical solutions in line with what is best for the collective and really want to eradicate these types of crimes you have to stop your preconceived ideas to be able to ascertain exactly how the clockwork of the society is ticking and dare to investigate what the basis for human behavior is Not going into the blame and judge game is thus not some sentimental “tearfulness” for particular individuals, but a clear understanding that lack of money and inequality breeds crime – or that which the capitalist law defines as "crime".

The question is thus whether we’re not making the same mistake as the child who’s in rage hitting the chair he happened to bump into when we punish the "criminal". All our actions are directly determined by the conditions we exist within and have been programmed under, and currently fear of survival is the dominant factor that controls and directs virtually all our actions. The root cause of crime is in actuality inequality, and the biggest crime of all crimes IS inequality. And to manipulate the question of why crime exist, as so many populist politicians in the western world try to do, and suggest that more policemen and more laws would eradicate crime and point fingers at and condemn a particular social group (such as immigrants) instead of placing themselves in the shoes of another is unacceptable.

It is obvious that more laws and tougher punishment doesn’t lower crime rates, but instead further polarize the society and thus create more crime. This was something Lao Tzu was fully aware of when he wrote the following in his Dao De Jing (the way):

     "The more Laws and order are made ​​prominent,
     The more Thieves and Robbers There Will Be."

I want you to be absolutely self-honest when you ask yourself: who would you have been without money? If I would have grown up in the projects of Chicago or the slums of Kiev I’m quite certain that I would also have to be a "criminal" to survive. In their place I would steal. Given their lives I'd kill, I'd lie.

In an Equal Money System the whole polarized casino game, where some are being “fortunate” to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth and some into an existence where every day is a struggle for survival, will be eradicated with giving everyone unconditional support from birth and an access to all the basic needs required to live a dignified life. It is a certainty that crime linked to money will disappear in such a system as the main incentive will disappear. This is really a “no-brainer” and if you like me are fed up with prostitution, gang activity, street violence and drug trade and are REALLY interested in a fundamental change instead of sitting on high horses blaming and judging others just to elevate your own ego – study what we’re suggesting at equalmoney.org. In the end nothing good comes out of inequality and will have dear consequences that we’re not even able to fathom at this point – what goes around comes around.

måndag 21 november 2011

2011 Equal Money FAQ – “How do we make sure people don't take more than they should?”

The Equal Money System is based on the principles of Self-Honesty, Self-Responsibility and the realization that what is best for the collective is also best for me – and obviously if those principles are disregarded and abused correction in line with what is best for the whole is required. It’s obvious that the over-excessive use of resources in the rich part of the world isn’t sustainable and that we have to re-align our life style to what is practical and best for all. Though, what needs to be understood is that greed is a symptom of the current system where lack and thus fear of survival is intrinsic. It is the current conditions of survival that has formed us into greedy and self-interested beings and thus the condition of absolute equality, where no single one will lack accessibility to the basic necessities required to live an effective life in dignity, will form us into beings that consider the whole. Furthermore education will be focused on the common sense understanding that what is best for the group is also best for the individual and that if the individual is harming the well-being of the group the individual is in fact harming itself. The Equal Money System will be based in practical needs instead of mental wants and be strict in the control and distribution of necessities and thus make sure that everybody gets what they require. The whole distribution net is already effectively in place, with everything from transport vehicles to warehouses and infra-structure – the only difference is that the power will shift from corporations that are only considering their own profit to a centralized network of administrations that will serve the collective interest.

The idea that you’re somehow more “accomplished” and “fulfilled” with the amount of things you own is solely a product of consumerism brainwashing through media and advertisement and not based in the actual physical needs/requirements. The desires or “dreams” we call “ours” are not really ours, but in fact the desires and “dreams” the consumerism system has imprinted us with to make us into effective consumer robots – since the fulfillment of all these ideas require money. And as long as you have money you have the “free choice” to over-consume and be as greedy as you wish no matter what the consequences. The dismantling of the consumerism machinery will release humanity from this “spell” and allow us to realize the importance of physical necessity and cooperation over mind and energy based desires.

torsdag 17 november 2011

2011 Equal Money FAQ - "How will we prevent overpopulation?"

The idea of overpopulation derives from scarcity based economics and is not the main alarming issue the “experts” in media would have you believe – an idea we are even using to justify the existence of starvation with. In reality there‘s neither a shortage of space nor a shortage of food. Modern day technology allows us to produce much more food than what is used on much less land than what was required before. Using modern day irrigation technology food can furthermore be produced in arid locations that before were considered impossible. In Britain only 20 million tons of food is thrown away yearly from homes and supermarkets – half of all the food produced on farms (the same proportions applies to most Western countries) – which is equivalent to half of the food import needs for the whole of Africa.

According to the World Food Programme (
the key causes of hunger are:

Over-exploitation of the environment
Poor agricultural infrastructure

which are all outflows of the current unequal money system. The only thing that stands in the way of feeding the whole planet is thus the current monetary system which dictates that if you lack money you also lack access to all the necessities you require to support your physical existence with. Reducing the population of earth would obviously not solve the problem of inequality, since the capitalistic system is a system that is based on polarity and lack. The ongoing speculation from index traders on the international food market, causing the food prices to rise dramatically, throw about 100-250 million people into starvation each year – adding to the already 1.3 billion starving people on earth in the name of market "freedom".

Is it fair and reasonable to put a price tag on earth's resources that is given to us unconditionally? Is it fair and reasonable to be able to profit on and make vital resources inaccessible for a large part of the world's population? We live in a world of abundant resources that only a few have access to, and the only thing "missing" in order to distribute those resources equally is money. Isn’t the solution obvious?

Let’s feed the world: http://equalmoney.org

2011 Equal Money FAQ - “What about dangerous jobs that require the workers to put their life at risk - will it be allowed?”

One has to first look at the reason why certain jobs are dangerous today and also if these jobs are really fundamental for life. So let’s have a look at two examples of some of the most dangerous jobs in the world:

1. Truck Driver and Deliveryman
The high fatality rates within this work group is due to stressful conditions and many hours of overtime work – it’s not unusual that a truck driver works for 15 hours in a row without even stopping for something to eat. This is due to increasing competition in the field and in its turn increasing demands on fast delivery. On top of drivers being pushed beyond their limits
employers are cutting back on safety and the equipment is not as well maintained as it should be – all for an increase in monetary profits. In an Equal Money System safety, proper training and dignified working conditions will obviously be top priority and competition and the demand for profit will no longer be determining factors. As the consumerism system ends only life supporting products will be manufactured and delivered to the different instances in society that require these items. Production will obviously be more locally focused, as the motive to maximize profit within placing factories in nations where you can lower costs by exploiting slave workers will no longer be relevant, and the long distance delivery routes thus no longer an issue.

2. Coal Miner
Working in a coal mine is inherently dangerous. Methane gas trapped in coal seams escapes into tunnels and mine shafts and can cause enormous explosions either instantly killing miners or causing cave-ins trapping the miners. Safety regulations and training varies from country to country and from company to company. China is considered to be the nation that has the highest fatality rate within this work field (6,995 deaths was recorded in 2002). Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. The enormous energy "needs" we hear various "experts" talking about are not based in actual real needs, but in keeping the capitalist consumerism machinery running. Within an Equal Money System the focus would shift from producing products that accumulate the most profit to sustainability, necessity and life supporting items – and as research no longer would be profit driven alternative energy sources that doesn't harm or abuse the earth that currently is and has been deliberately ignored and denied because these methods of producing energy aren’t generating enough profit could be properly developed and implemented. Also, who would want to work as a coal miner if it wasn’t for a desperate need for money?

In conclusion most jobs that are dangerous today are dangerous because of the current system where money has a higher value than life and priority thus is profit over safety. Furthermore many of these jobs are also to a large extent or completely unnecessary and only exist because of a demand that is based in mass consumerism and “free-will” and not what is actually required to sustain the physical existence. Then of course there are jobs that are inherently dangerous that still has to be done, such as fire-fighting for instance (however it has a rather low fatality rate compared to many jobs - 4.4 fatalities per 100,000 in the US compared to
18.3 in the truck driving work area). Fire prevention within researching safer machinery, flame safe material and improved warning systems to be implemented everywhere will also be priority, as well as including basic fire prevention in the basic practical common sense training of each human being.

fredag 28 oktober 2011

2011 "Can I pursue my personal happiness in an Equal Money System?" - Equal Money FAQ

Personal happiness and the pursuit of it as it exists today as fueled and maintained by consumerism in separation from what is here is unacceptable and will not exist in an Equal Money System. Currently happiness is based on a set of ideas installed through media within the consumerism system – and the current system supports this pursuit of fulfilling the individual’s self-interest in complete disregard of all other beings. The desires or “dreams” we call “ours” are not really ours, but in fact the desires and “dreams” the consumer system has imprinted us with to make us into effective consumer robots – since the fulfillment of all these ideas require money. In the wealthy part of the world our main priority in life has become to fulfill this never ending chase for “happiness” – pursuing the perfect man/woman, the perfect car, the perfect house, the perfect family and so on, the whole “success”-story as pictures installed by media – and all this in a polarized reality where half the population is living in poverty and well over 1 Billion is on the brink of starvation. This pursue of “happiness” keeps us completely entertained and consumed and makes us blind to what is really going on and our “happiness” is in fact limiting the happiness of another, as our “happiness” is only sustained by keeping the current polarized money system alive.

A society completely based on this happiness idea is also creating the polarity as depression when beings can’t live up to these ideas, either because of lack of money or when they realize the complete hollowness in this way of living.

Within an Equal Money System happiness will no longer be exclusive to an elite with money which in fact will mean the actualization of happiness as the one condition that set the rules that is “lack of money” will be removed. The pursuit as a never ending chase for happiness will no longer exist - as happiness will be right Here available for everyone Equally. Happiness will also change from being an energetic picture based delusion to be that of an in-the-moment self-expression, as the whole consumerism apparatus brainwashing us from birth no longer will exist. We will as equal earthlings be able to pursue happiness together and experience the real fulfillment of working together as brothers and sisters for the benefit of All Life.

Equal Money System = Fun for All.

måndag 24 oktober 2011

2011 Will a doctor be paid the same as a janitor?

Currently it is accepted that different types of jobs should be valued differently. Within this automatic acceptance one is however overlooking several essential points. Within the Equal Money/Equal Labor System a key point is that all work should be regarded equally valuable and all work thus be remunerated equal to the amount of hours labored. The idea that the doctor is somehow more valuable than the janitor is nothing but ignorance and obviously misses the point of what real physical value is. The physical fact of the matter is that the workers that are currently regarded less than the doctor actually made it possible for the doctor to pursue his career. Would the doctor be able to perform his duties effectively without the cleaners making sure the equipment and the surroundings are sanitized? Would the doctor be able to perform his duties effectively without the workers manufacturing the equipment necessary? I could go on and list hundreds of cogs in the cogwheel that are all equally essential for the doctor to be able to perform his duties = take one cog out and the whole machinery would fall apart. This is absolutely self-evident if one considers the Equality equation of 1+1=2.

What are the justifications as to why the doctor should be paid more than for instance the janitor? Some claim that it is simply “unfair” because the doctor should be having a higher wage due to his/hers longer education, which is based in the belief that “equal choice” actually exist. What one is disregarding within this is that currently it is definitely not within everybody’s “reach” to become a doctor, but determined and limited by the social conditions you inherited and thus are enslaved by, and according to your monetary conditions you make your “choices”. What is also missed is that within the Equal Money System education would obviously be free and equal for all and money would no longer limit you within making educational choices.

Other justification for remuneration inequality is that humans require incentive to be motivated and competition to “excel” and develop, and that laziness and stagnation would set in if an Equality based system would be implemented. Here one is not seeing that laziness is actually supported within the current system where the only motivation that exists is money/survival. The only point why we require motivation as money in the current system is because no one really wants to support a system that extensively abuse life. Currently work is solely based in profit/survival and not considering if the duty is actually supporting Life. Within the Equal Money/Equal Labor System however work would be redefined to what is actually physically beneficial for life and contribute to the betterment of mankind. Thus the motivation would be that of working for the benefit of All Life and thus giving each one a real, practical and physical purpose. Within such a system excellence can be pursued together in unity without it happening at the expense of another.

How can we even trust doctors within a system where money and profit is the motivator/starting point? In an Equal Money System the doctors that are only “in it” for the money would obviously be rooted out and the whole health-care system would thus be a lot safer with doctors that are “in it” because they actually care and want to assist others.

As you see there is no downside at all with Equal pay/remuneration per labored time, thus all the justifications as to why we should sustain the Unequal Money System is nothing but ignorant and based in a believed superiority/inferiority that is super-imposed on the physical reality. Investigate the Equal Money System if you understand that the current incentive based system where money and your fear of survival determines all of your choices, stands in the way of actual self-direction and self-expression.

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tisdag 18 oktober 2011

2011 Migration and Lack of Money

It's fascinating that you are allowed to immigrate to Sweden if you're for example fleeing war or if you're facing torture, but NOT allowed to immigrate if you are a so called "economic migrant" - meaning, you aren't granted a legal refugee status if you flee for economical reasons. To lack money and thus face the horrors of not being able to feed your children or yourself is not a valid "humanitarian reason" to flee according to the law. This seems to be a point that everybody sees as "self-evident". But how is it not to be oppressed or tortured to starve to death due to lack of money?

These refugees are often called "fortune-hunters" and "opportunists" that go here to exploit the Swedish "welfare system". Yeah right - would you pull yourself up by the roots and travel half the world to face an uncertain destiny if you weren't completely desperate? 

Who would YOU be without MONEY?