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2012 Economists and their Lies - Trade-Off

Economists well and often spread the idea that it's impossible create a system that satisfies all - which is a rather definitive position coming from a group that stress that they're only objectively studying trends. At our universities they are talking about so-called "trade-off" - a situation that involves the loss of a quality or aspect of something in return for another quality or aspect - i.e. balancing the pros and cons of a specific decision. They talk about this trade-off system as if it was something quite natural and necessary and that if you want to make wise decisions you must consider the overall balance of the decision. Furthermore, it is frequently suggested that the overall "well-being" of the economy is of greater importance than how individuals really live.

This belief that there can't ever be a system that benefits all and that every social policy will always hurt someone and benefit another and that our politicians thus are "forced" to make these "sacrifices" is widespread. This is, however, nothing but a blind acceptance of how things "must" work and a kind of defeatist attitude towards the economy in which one is making oneself less than and inferior to the economic laws.

Economic laws are often treated by experts in the media and economists at the universities as "natural laws" which no man can rule over and has thus become an important part of maintaining the hopelessness people experience in relation to the system. In fact, all economic laws are based on collective agreements and currently these agreements are opposing the real and physical laws and life itself. What I mean by this is that the current financial arrangements that make up the capitalist system, as the basis for practically all the horrors of the world, dictates that if you lack money you also lack the right to life. A polarized system that dictates that a third of world population must starve for the rest to live in abundance. A system where money has been given a higher value than life and where we put a price tag on that which is given us unconditionally by the earth and sun.

Furthermore, one is often ignoring that these systems would be based on collective agreements since it implies that it is a reflection of individual greed and self-interest, and thus rather blames the leaders and the "system" as something separate from oneself. 

Man is the source of all problems and thus also the solution. How money functions is the source of all the world's problems and horrors and thus also the solution. Humanity must stand up collectively and set aside all ideological differences and opinions to instead do what is practical, mathematically and physically provably best for the whole. Debt, interest, speculation, market fluctuation and "lack" of money are all deliberately created and by no means natural laws that must be followed. Economists who propagate that 20000 children must starve to death every each so that "we" may live in abundance are nothing but criminals and deceivers.

If you are interested in getting together and re-writing these laws so that they instead meet the interest of all of earth’s inhabitants, study the Equal Money System

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